26 June 2020   2020 Trophy Winners



5 year Medallions              Shamus & Torfy


10 Year Medallion             Bart Simpson


1 Year Helpers Certificate            Josie  & Sue

20 Year Helpers Certificate          Sharon 


The Borthwick Trophy   Most improved Monday Vaulter          Esme

The Snoopy Trophy        Most Improved Tuesday Rider            Charlie

The Andy Millar Quach  Most improved Evening Rider           Emily

The Domino Trophy       Most Improved Wednesday Rider        Dawson

The Tony Trophy           Most Improved Thursday Vaulter         Jacob

Royal Dalton Trophy     Most Popular Vaulting Horse                Pituchelli

The Nisbet Trophy         Most Popular Riding Horse                   Bart Simpsom

The Poppy Drysdale Trophy   Consideration & Care for Others Sheilagh 

The Tullie Trophy           Volunteer of the Year                            Pat 

Spirit of Freedom             Evening Riders Choice                        Margaret

Caffrys Trophy              Help out with the Group                        Michael

Flying Scotsman            Trustees Trophy                                     Sharon 

Congratulations to everyone who has been awarded one of these trophies & thanks to all the groups supporters and voliunteers for all you do.



As all of the Group's Horeses have now beeen 'profilied', we now turn to our wonderful volunteers.............


How long have you been a Group Volunteer?     Started 1994 so 25 years

Why did you volunteer?

I rode peoples ponies as a child, went on to get married and had children of my own and when the youngest went to school, I had spare time again! Started helping Johanna Wright at Buskin where she had children from Duns Primary School and Berwickshire High School on a Thursday morning. The bonus was I got to ride afterwards.  I really enjoyed helping these children.   The real answer is to the question is my love of horses.

What is your favorite horse / horses?

Got to say my favorite was a pony called Dexter, a 14.1 hh Strawberry roan, a very naughty pony but perfect with RDA and I have also got to really like Pitu as he has shown / taught me so much about lunging.

What you enjoy most about being a helper?

It’s the little things that I enjoy, like that breakthrough moment, when the rider/vaulter actually gets what you are trying to teach, and just does it.

What is the best thing you have done with RDA?

Best thing I have done….gosh that’s a hard one. I suppose getting to meet the Princess Royal three times must be up there.

How you are dealing with lock down?

Lockdown hasn’t been easy, although I have been working some of it. Not seeing my Mum was hard, at least I got to wave at the Grandkids in their garden. Having my Husband at home for 9 weeks, 24/7 wasn’t easy either, especially as we couldn’t go away for days out.

Having my dogs was a godsend though, they are looking like Whippets now, sadly I’m not LOL



How long have you been a Volunteer? Margaret tells me I began in 1997

Why did you volunteer?  because Margaret asked me! This was back “in the old days” when we worked outside. It was very weather dependant, the riders were sitting on a bench in the field waiting for their turn. Margaret would often phone round all the helpers on a Wednesday morning and say we would have to cancel because it was raining!


Who is your Favorite horse / horses? It is impossible to have a favourite. There have been lots of different horses and ponies over the years. We are very lucky as a group to work with quality horses who all do other jobs too which I am sure keeps them happy. It never ceases to impress me how well they handle their RDA work.


What do you enjoy most about being a helper? I always go home after an RDA session in a better place than when I arrive…it is very rewarding seeing riders progress in confidence and do things on a horse that they perhaps thought they would not be able to do. And the riders love it, you can see that as soon as they are mounted. You also see volunteers grow in confidence too.


What is the best thing you have done with RDA? I can’t immediately think of an answer to this, but one of the worst (funny now) times was at a dressage competition at The Drum one May when Guinness, who was having a graze, decided he wanted to join his mates and dragged me about 200 yards towards the arenas at some speed. Massive relief when he stopped and I still was holding on to him and we hadn’t caused mayhem!


How are you dealing with lockdown? I can honestly say I have enjoyed it. We spend our lives rushing around and it has been great to slow down a bit and I have spent the time working from home, gardening and cycling. My dog is loving it too though this may all change when our lives are turned upside-down shortly with the arrival of a puppy….





How long have you been a Volunteer:  20 years

Why did you volunteer: Love of horses and Johanna Wright encouraged me to join the group

Who is your Favorite horse / horses:  Bart Simpson

What do you enjoy most about being a helper: The satisfaction of working with horses and the pleasure it can give some riders

What is the best thing you have done with RDA: Meeting Princess Anne (twice_ and winning the RDA Volunteer of the Year award but most of all working with my partner in crime, Alice


How are you dealing with lockdown:  Picked up my cross stitch that I started in 1981 (21st present) aim to finish it this year.  Got a great tan so far!



How long have you been a Volunteer  Since 1998


Why did you volunteer

 My neighbour, a helper had asked my daughter Ann to help out with Joanna Wrights group. When Ann moved to take up her job, Susan persuaded me to help – just for three weeks!  Although Ann had owned a pony for a couple of years, I had little to do with him, being a townie.

Who is your Favorite horse / horses

As “my” group was primary aged, the animals were smaller than the horses of today.  Baloo was with us for many years and Delicat was a gentleman.

What do you enjoy most about being a helper

I like to see the riders getting pleasure from their rides but it is also exercise for me and its great meeting the other helpers weekly.

What is the best thing you have done with RDA

All the preparations for the official opening of the arena by Princess Anne followed by the big day.

How are you dealing with lockdown

As a retiree, it hasn’t felt that different. With the great weather I have been working in the garden very happily.  We have learnt to slow down even more than usual and shop on line. 



How long have you been a Volunteer

Since 2002 as the Group is now but I also volunteered before the indoor arena when we rode at Ann & Eric Robertson’s, in Duns during the summer and in the winter at the indoor school at Westruther.

Why did you volunteer

After talking to the late Ann Robertson one day she asked if I had some spare time and would I like to help with RDA which I did, then stopped for some years when my boys were small.

Who is your favorite horse / horses

I cant really name a favorite horse as there have been a lot of special horses and ponies over the years.

What do you enjoy most about being a helper

One thing springs to mind was when a rider asked Caffrys to  “ walk on”, it had taken nearly a year.

What is the best thing you have done with RDA

The best thing I have done with RDA has to be meeting Princess Anne

How are you dealing with Lock Down

Each day seems to be very much the same

I do miss seeing my grandchildren

Now I have got the hang of it I am getting quite good at shopping on line

My dogs are getting a lot longer walks which has its advantages as I have lost weight



How long have you been a volunteer - Can't quite remember – more than 15, less than 20 years. (An old friend who retired from riding a few years ago came to visit and expressed astonishment that I am still here!)

Why did you volunteer?  Margaret asked me. I was having a rare de-clutter and took along some tack which had belonged to my (long deceased) shepherding pony. Most of it probably wasn't much use but I became a volunteer.

Favourite Horse – I love all the horses. Delicat was a particular favourite as he was so easy to be with. At the moment it is Rio.

What do you enjoy most?  I enjoy being with the horses and really miss them. I wil even forgive Rio for rolling when he is tied up,  when we get back to regular riding.

What is the best thing you have done? (does this mean 'good est' or most enjoyable?) I think what I have most enjoyed are the training days over at (Glasgow) Ingliston where we see experts demonstrating all aspects of RDA – dressage, vaulting, driving, western-style riding are a few I can think of.

How are you dealing with Lockdown? Brushing my hair and becoming a Domestic Goddess in between getting the garden under control (still work in progress). The house isn't any tidier  because the weather was too sunny during the first enthusiastic weeks.



How long have you been a Volunteer:  Since 1999

Why did you volunteer:  my neighbour, who was a volunteer, asked if I would help out as the Group was short of helpers.

Who is your Favorite horse / horses:  My absolute favourite horse has to be Big Guinness, but I have loved lots of them: Royal Dalton, Buster, Jay, Bart…..I could go on!

What do you enjoy most about being a helper: I enjoy working with our riders and vaulters, helping them achieve things they didn’t dream they were capable of.  Seeing the joy of a child cantering on the back of a big horse.

What is the best thing you have done with RDA:  I think going to the National Championships with the vaulting team has to be up there.  It is such an inspiring event to witness the efforts of so many talented riders and vaulters from all over the country.

How are you dealing with lockdown:  I have to say that it’s pretty much business as usual here, working on the farm.  For the first few weeks, we were lambing, which means a constant focus on sheep, with little time for anything else.  We self-isolate as a consequence of lambing every year!  We are lucky that one son lives and works on the farm, and another happened to be here at the time of lockdown, so has stayed to work from home here.  So I am surrounded by nearly all my immediate family which is lovely.  I do miss my twice weekly trips out with my Mum, though I am able to see her and have a conversation through a window, from a safe distance.



How long have you been a Volunteer  Since 2002

Why did you volunteer   I had stopped working having sold the family business, our three children were all at school, so I had more time.

Who is your Favorite horse / horses  We have been very lucky to have wonderful horses over the years; going back Melody, and I always had a soft spot for Caffrys ( even if he did have a mind of his own at times), but Housten is my favorite, I have always enjoyed working with him.

What do you enjoy most about being a helper  Seeing a rider achieve something they never thought possible, the contact with the other volunteers and the horses.

What is the best thing you have done with RDA  This is a hard one, the Royal visits are memorable, the day “Sandy “ arrived-I didn’t think he would be so big; but it’s the days I drive home on a Wednesday morning, thinking, that was a really fun lesson and the riders did really well.

How are you dealing with lockdown  At the beginning many tasks – that I never seem to have time to do, got done! The garden is very tidy. But as time goes on I’m becoming more frustrated and miss my usual routine.


02 June 2020Letter from RDA President to Volunteers


This week’s horse profile from Margaret & Rebecca is Rory

Name Rory

Stable Name  Rory

Date of Birth not registered

Age Now 15 everyone thinks (as at May 2020)

Colour Bay

Height 12hh

Breed Welsh

Sire not Registered

Dam not registered

Breeder Not Registered

Owner Rebecca Hewit


What he was like as a young pony I only know his history from when he was 6. Kerri who is a vaulter got him as her first pony. He had not been broken long so she taught him everything. He is a very loveable cuddly pony that also has a cheeky streak.

Events he has taken part in

Dressage He has done pony club dressage with his last rider Lilly. He is a smart little pony that judges always marked well.

Show Jumping He is not the bravest jumper but will happily trot round the height of jumps his little riders need to and every so often the naughty streak comes out and he sets off on his own agenda usually the opposite way to the jumps.

Cross Country He has never competed x country but has learnt to jump our log in the field.

Mounted Games He is a complete pro at Mounted games and has been in many teams and competed at the Scottish Horse of the Year show for the last 5 years. He is surprisingly quick at getting up and down the arena

Hunting He had never been hunting until he came to Tamara but he enjoyed 10 days last season and Tamara had great fun on him.

When he came to Sunnyside I was offered Rory when Tamara was born but I felt he would have been wasted.  So he went out on loan to a girl for 5 years which worked perfectly as when she turned 10 he was ready to move again. So, we got him in October 2019.

When he did RDA He has only done a couple of sessions but is a great little person and enjoys the attention. He has a few funny habits one is he always needs to roll when he goes into the arena and if you start running fast beside him, he just gets faster and faster!!!

What he is doing while there is no RDA He has taught Tamara so much in the last few months she is now very confident catering and Jumping and has learnt to put his tack on and take it off and take him to the field and back to his stable. He is such a dude and takes life with little people in his stride.


This weeks horse profile from Margaret & Rebecca is Fudge

Name Gold Bailys Cream

Stable Name   Fudge

Date of Birth 25th May 2009

Age Now 10 (May 2020)

Colour Palamino

Height 17.1hh

Breed By a foreign stallion out of a primative Rising mare he has no breeding recorded in his passport!

Sire No Idea

Dam No Idea

Breeder Mr G J Scott

Owners Rebecca Hewit and Margaret Morgan

What he was like as a young horse? I saw an advert for him about August time last year and something made me contact them about him!! He was apparently very big and gangly and a real stress head! He hasn’t done any competing but they girl that I bought him off has spent a huge amount of time making him a more obliging horse!! The advert was very honest.

Events he took part in:

He hasn’t competed at all but we plan to do all the local events if they are allowed to happen. I really hope to take him hunting and he has been practicing his jumping.

He is a stress head if left alone in the stables but is happy if he has friends round him.

He is very good to tack up and loves a nice groom

When he came to Sunnyside? After lots of humming and haaaing and did we really need another horse Fudge eventually arrived on the 8th November. Alistair from Eric Gillies picked him up for me and was on the phone straight away to tell me what he was like. I bought him without going to try him there was just something that made me eventually bite the bullet.

When he became a vaulting horse? He started the very day he arrived. He was very good and the girl I bought him off was shocked. I never mention vaulting when I buy a horse as it puts some people off but she was thrilled and keeps in touch to see how he is doing. He was vaulting really well before lock down so fingers crossed it continues.

What he is doing now and when he will start RDA? He has been doing lots of hacking and playing with Tamara's pony. We are slowly introducing him to the ramp and Equipment and he is doing great so far so hopefully when RDA returns, he is ready to go


This weeks horse profile from Margaret & Rebecca is Kerbie

Name  Voodo                                                 

Stable Name Kerbie

Date of Birth 30/07/2002

Age now 17 going to be 18 (May 2020)

Colour Bright Bay

Height 17.1hh

Breed Dutch Warmblood

Sire Calvados

Dam Fidji

Breeder Mr PN Vengal

Owner John and Nicola Hayton (Parents of two girls who vault with me)

What he was like as a young horse? I don’t know too much of his history apart from he was bred in Holland as a show jumper competed to a relatively high level before being bought by someone in Cumbria where he continued his show jumping career. He is quite a stress buster and likes routine and consistency he really enjoys work and thrives on plenty of it and especially loves his food. He is a lovely charcter and enjoys a good scratch and a cuddle.

Events he took part in and results;

Dressage He hasn’t competed dressage but is extremely well schooled and lovely to ride.

Show Jumping, He was bred as a show jumper and competed up to 1 meter 30 classes so he has a decent jump in him. His record is very consistent without being an out and out winner.

Cross Country We hope to take him to some x country's when we get up and going again

Showing The local shows will be a plan if any ever happen.

Hunting He had never hunted before coming up here. I like to give them a day quite early on to see if they will enjoy it. He loved it behaved brilliantly and jumped like a stag.

When he first became a vaulting horse and where he competed? He was bought by the Haytons for the group their girls were vaulting with at the time in 2014. He started his vaulting career with Julie Newell in England. He was quite straight forward and was out competing straight away. His only naughty trick was just occasionally he would set off when being led much like big Guiness used to do for those that remember him!!!

When he became an International horse His first international season was 2015 he has competed at Senior World Championships with a pair in 2016 then he went to Cambridge which was a lower level club. His plan was to abroad this year with some of my vaulters

When he came to Sunnyside? Just after the new year, he had been on loan to a club at Cambridge but I think he was bored of their lifestyle. When he arrived he thrived from work and food. He is a lovely Character and is perfect for having his bridle put on and he just opens his mouth. His favorite naughty habit is when you put his headcollar on he wants to put everything in his mouth!!!

When we expect him to start RDA? Hopefully after the summer he is very settled in the arena so over the next few weeks we will start to introduce the lift and the hoist and poles in the arena.

What he is doing at the moment? He is continuing with his fitness work and trying to get his muscles and body looking better so lots of hacking.


Ed Bracher talks about the impact of COVID-19 closures on Riding for the Disabled Association and how the charity is preparing for life after lock down.  To watch this, click here


Pony Profile of an Old Friend

Name                 Barnaby Baloo

Stable Name      Baloo

Date of Birth    Un registered

Age when we lost him?  I have known him since he was bought out of Newcastle so he was at least 27!!!

Colour                Piebald

Height                14.1 hh

Breeder               The Gypseys in Newcastle :)

Owner                 M Morgan

What was he like as a young pony? He was very naughty (it does sound like all the good RDA horses were naughty as youngsters) very strong but very talented!!

Events he took part in;

Pony Club

 He was a pony club pro I followed him through 6 youngsters before we got him for Henry to go hunting on. He has been to 6 national Pony Club Championships in Show Jumping and Eventing. He has done about 20 pony club camps :)


 He wasn’t a flashy pony but he was very correct and went extremely well so was consistently placed in all his dressage comps.



 He was a very good and clean jumper and won many show jumping competitions he was never the fastest but he could jump really well off very tight turns.

Cross Country

 He adored x-country's he always needed kicked along but would have jumped your house if you pointed him at it. Henry got his first taste of jumping on him and I fell off a few times more because Baloo jumped extra big and careful, he would never bash his legs. When Tamara started riding him, he jumped even the smallest jump like it was 1 meter high!


 He competed in working hunter classes at all the local shows being consistently placed and always jumping a clear round the jumps, he wasn’t the flash model of some ponies his height but boy he was effective.


When he first came to Sunnyside and began helping RDA

 He arrived in 2011 and basically taught Henry to ride he was always full of cheek and could buck and bolt with the big boys but he knew when to behave and that was proved when he was doing his RDA work, The most reliable and sensible boy but god he was  a  pain to catch sometimes!!

Regional and National Championships

 He did the Championships 3 times and always behaved like the pro he was!!! He could strut his stuff very well and judges loved him.


Henry had two fabulous seasons Hunting on him and I knew whatever we came to all I had to shout was keep kicking Baloo was a pro and knew exactly what he was doing. Ian Starks Daughter took him hunting in his younger days and the report was if he was a hand bigger, he would jump Badminton! He very patiently took Tamara hunting for 2 years on the lead rein and he loved it,

When we lost him     29th. May 2019 very sadly his time had come he owed nobody anything and had given his all at everything ever asked of him.





29 April 2020AGM CANCELLED

Not suprisingly, the Berwickshire Group RDA AGM which was to be held on May 21st has been cancelled.
When a new date has been arranged we will let you know when and where.


This weeks horse profile from Margaret & Rebecca is Shamus

Name      Bankey Moon

Stable Name       Shamus

Date of Birth 01/06/2006

Age Now   14  (2020)

Colour Bay

Height 17.3hh

Breed Irish Sports Horse

Sire  Benbulbin

Dam Have to go

Breeder Michael O`Connell

Owner Philip Hewit


What was he like as a young horse?

A naughty boy!!! He was big and unruly and   had learnt lots of naughty tricks including getting his rider off and trotting home!

Events he took part in

Dressage He has never competed at a Dressage competition but he has had lots of lessons and is actually very trainable once you get through his attitude!!

Show Jumping The first year we had him I did all the little shows on him he loves Jumping and won a few classes he is not bothered about scary jumps which is surprising as a blade of grass can stop him for 10 mins out hacking.


Cross Country Stacey and I have both been round x countrys on him, He loves it and jumps everything in front of him.  He has terrible wind so has to work hard to get enough air to survive but he is very willing and enjoys it.

Showing He was supposed to go to Duns show this year but I could only take 3 horses and we had to do a vaulting demo in the main ring on Grass which is not his idea of fun so he got left at home.

Hunting I have hunted him a fair bit and apart from being quite strong he is the perfect hunter. Stands and watches gallops and jumps and is great with all the hounds. I pick where I take him as his bad breathing makes the hills hard work.

When he became a Vaulting horse and where he competed? He started vaulting the day he arrived and was actually very easy to train. He was the youngest horse I had stared so I took my time with him, He has attitude that I have learnt to live with he hates the music in the arena so we have to do a lot of his training in Claudia's outdoor arena where he is perfect even with huge lorries driving past. When we started training him his party piece was go perfectly for half the circle then gallop to the top of the arena and stand in the corner, to this day when he gets stressed that’s what he does. His first competition was the Scottish Championships 2013 where he was perfect

When he became an International horse? His first year competing international was 2014 he went to France and Belgium and was selected with 3 Junior Individual for the Europeans in Hungary where he got the best horse scores of the competition. He then went to The World Equestrian Games in France with Team Canada. He has done every world and European Championships since then his highlights being 6th in the World with Squad in 2017 and 4th in Europe with Squad in 2018.

When he came to Sunnyside and began helping RDA? He arrived December 2012 and took me a long time to think he would be sensible enough to join in with RDA! He eventually went in 2016 with Alice as his rider she has probably ridden him the most and suits him as she doesn't bother him, he's a tricky horse as you have to be really nice to him to get the best out of him even when he is being very annoying.

Regional and National Championships I don’t think he will ever be sensible enough to be allowed out to such things but as he gets older you never can tell!!!!

What he is doing while we are not doing RDA? He is continuing his work as normal. Shamus had a holiday all winter so we are working his fitness back up and trying to keep his brain engaged. He is a lovely horse to ride but can go off on his own agenda every so often!!!











23 April 2020**NEW** HORSE PROFILE - PITU

This weeks horse profile from Margaret & Rebecca is Pitu

Name: Pitucelli
Stable Name: Pitu
Date of Birth 18/04/1998
Age Now 22 (April 2020)
Colour: Dark Bay
Height: 16.3hh
Breed Trakhaner
Sire Hohenstein
Dam Pari
Breeder Harald Giesche
Owner Bill Liz and Lucy Phillips
(the same family we got Delly from)

Where did he come from?
He was bred in Austria to be a superstar dressage horse!!! He competed up to the age of 5 then started vaulting at 7 when he was too lazy to learn the more difficult dressage moves!! He was imported to Britain in 2009 by the Phillips.

What he was like as a young horse?
He was very naughty when I first met him aged 7 he was spooky and very silly but at the same time very Lazy!! He also had a stubborn streak

Events he took part in;

He competed in Austrian national competitions for 3 years.

Show Jumping
Pitu is not a jumper although he has now mastered poles

Cross country
He has never been to any x countrys the thought of it for him is to much

He competed in young horse classes when he was younger and won the 4 year old final

When he became a vaulting horse
He started in 2005 in a club in Austria.

When he became an International horse
His first international was May 2006 and he competed at 42 international competitions and every world and European Championships from 2006 to 2016 winning a Gold and a bronze medal.

When he came to Sunnyside
He arrived here in February 2017. His international career had finished but he still had so much to offer. He started his RDA career straight away and his vaulting has been great he is not an easy horse to lead so the led sessions are no fun with him but he is good off the lead rein even if a bit slow.

Regional and National RDA Competitions
He has been to Hartpury to the national championships twice and been really good both times even although his owners were worried, he might become lit up and spooky but true to Pitu he enjoyed showing off but behaved really well. He also competes with the RDA vaulters at national competitions

He has never been hunting he has a real phobia of mud and water so I can't imagine he would enjoy it!!! He has learnt to enjoy the mud in the field but when he came, he would not go out in the mud as he had led such a sheltered life!!!

What he is doing while we are not doing RDA?
He is ticking over coming into the arena every few days Tamara is enjoying lungeing him and keeping him loose and supple

20 April 2020COVID 19 - UPDATE - Our Group remains closed

As I'm sure you have all no doubt realised, RDA will not be restarting after the Easter holidays.  For the time being we shall remain closed in line with national and goverment guidelines.  I shall update you if the situation changes and as and when restrictions are lifted.  In the meantime, we hope that everyone is keeping well and getting through these strange times.  


From Sharon Baker (Secretary) Berwickshire Group RDA


This weeks horse profile is Housten.
Thanksagain to Margaret & Rebecca for the information.

Horse Profile

Name Mahon Vale
Stable Name Housten
Date of birth 15/05/2002
Age now 18
Colour Bay
Height 16,2hh
Breed Irish Sports Horse
Sire Nire Valley
Dam Ban Gleanna
Breeder Declan Ryan
Owner M Morgan

Where he came from
I had spent all winter looking for horses and something made me look on Gumtree!!! Up popped his advert and we went to see him in February half term 2015. It was very frosty. Henry rode him and we lunged him in a grass field I liked him straight away he was a hairy overgrown pony with plenty quality underneath all the mane and fluff

What was he like as a young horse
I really have no past history on Housty. He had obviously moved around quite a lot by his passport. He was sold to me with a history of being quite nappy and naughty but we have never seen that side of him at all. His only strange habits are he is very aggressive at feed time and hates being in a stable.

Events he took part in and results

He has done the RDA dressage competitions a couple of times and has always been very reliable. He has been very well schooled and educated before coming to us.

Show Jumping
We have jumped him a bit in the arena and he really enjoyed it I am not sure if he ever did any competitions, thou.

Cross Country
He has arthritis in his knees so we have never taken him out x country jumping.

He has never been to the shows as he is a pain to take in the lorry he has to wear hobbles on his front legs to stop him knocking the sides out the lorry.

When he became a Vaulting Horse and where he competed
He started vaulting the night he arrived and went to a competition carrying a team 6 weeks later he was the perfect horse straight away 😊 He has competed at nearly every national competition since March 2015 and carry's all levels of vaulters form beginners to the top-level vaulters.

When he became an International horse
We took him to the World Champions in Ermelo 2015 as a reserve horse. His first competition experience was an international competition in Ermelo 2016 where he carried 5 individuals and from then I handed him over to Stacey to lunge. He again went as reserve in 2016 to the European Championships. He competed at many cvis through 2016 2017 and 2018. He had his biggest day Carrying Henry as an Individual at the World Championships in Austria in 2017 when Henry vaulted as the character Mr. Bean. He also carried Dallyn from Canada. He has also been Scottish and British Champions many times with individuals. He has always been a very reliable horse and you could guarantee that he wouldn’t get light up or go any different in a competition arena to how he goes at home.

When he came to Sunnyside and began RDA
He came February 2015 and started RDA in the first week he was here.

Regional and National RDA Competitions
He went to the national Championships in 2016 I think just to vault I don’t think he did Dressage that year.

He is very precious so with his dodgy knees we have never taken him hunting.

What he is doing while we are not doing RDA Much to his disgust he is on holiday in the back fields for a change of scenery. He still bangs the gate at feed time. He is very bossy in the field but overall is a very gentle horse who loves attention.


09 April 2020**NEW** HORSE PROFILE -RIO

This weeks horse profile is Rio
Thanks to Margaret & Rebecca for the information.

Name Briarsdale Lothario
Stable Name Rio
Date of Birth 11/02/2009
Age now 11
Colour Skewbald
Height 17.2hh
Breed Hunter x Welsh Cob
Sire Briardale Holling King
Dam Briardale Abracadabra
Breeder Miss A T Sands
Owner Rebecca Hewit

Where he came from.
I had a phone call from someone I know from vaulting and the question was are you looking for a horse? I said always looking but needs to be in my price range!!! He was the only snag was he needed collected the next morning from Leicestershire!! A quick call to Alistair who drives for Eric Gillies to see where he was handily, he was at the Oakley lorry base 10 mins away. I rang Mick Gillie and he sorted it all out for me and he soon arrived

What was he like as a young horse
The stories from his past owner who has been in touch since he arrived was he was a quick learner and enjoyed work. He has always made a very big noise in his wind even as a 3 year old.

Events he took part in

He competed at low level dressage with his first owners and did well.

Show Jumping
He competed in riding Club Team show jumping before we got him and loved jumping.

Cross Country
Henry and Stacey have both had a shot round Charterhall on him and his jumping really is good but sometimes the steering can be pretty interesting but he gets better each yaer.

Stacey had him at Duns show this year and again his jumping was great jumping a clear round and finishing 5th in the working hunter.

When he became a vaulting horse and where he competed
The week he arrived it snowed which was quite handy as we were in the arena every day teaching him about vaulting. I gave him to Stacey to train up as her horse this time. She has done a brilliant job as circles on a lunge have not come naturally to him. His mouth has been quite tricky but we have hopefully sorted it now 😊 He has done 2 years' worth of National Competitions and has carried lots of vaulters of different levels. He is very reliable and apart from being a bit strong on the ground never puts a foot wrong.

When he became an International horse
He went to Belgium 2019 with a Pairs to give him some experience and also carried a male individual. This all proved invaluable as he ended up Carrying the SSS Squad at the 2019 World Championship's where he showed off all Stacy`s training and did a fabulous job.

When he came to Sunnyside and began helping RDA
He Arrived February half term 2018 and we introduced him to RDA June 2018 and he has been in full time ever since.

Regional and National RDA Competitions
He has been part of the musical ride for 2 years but we havent taken him out to any Dressage competitions as yet.

I took him hunting through 2018/2019 season and eventually sussed out the brakes!!! He was always keen and willing if a bit slow for me, His jumping again was foot perfect and he was brave as a lion across ditches. Since then Stacey and Henry have both had days on him and enjoyed jumping him, he is sometimes a bit annoying as he forgets how big and strong he is but he is getting better

What he is doing while we are not doing RDA Rio has been here two full years and never had a break so he is being allowed to have a month's rest and then we will start his hacking again but a well-earned holiday in the sun is being enjoyed right now

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