We hope that the following commence and end dates  for holidays are of use to riders, parents, guardians and volunteers alik


Summer Term Berwickshire RDA



Vaulting will finish on Monday 30th March

Vaulting will restart on Monday 20th April

No vaulting on Monday 25th May

Summer Holidays Monday 22nd June

Re Start Monday 31st August 2020



Riding will finish on Tuesday 31st March

Riding will restart on Tuesday 21st April

Summer Holidays Tuesday 23rd June

Re start Tuesday 1st September 2020



Riding will finish on Wednesday 1st April

Riding will restart on Wednesday 22nd April

Summer Holidays Wednesday 24th June

Re start Wednesday 2md September 2020



Vaulting will finish on Thursday 2nd April

Vaulting will restart on Thursday 23rd April

No vaulting on Thursday 7th May

Summer Holidays Thursday 25th June

Re start Thursday3rd September 2020

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