Horse Profile

Name                Jays Fortitude

Stable name      Torfy ( His name is an anagram of Forty as he was born on his breeders 40th wedding anniversary)

Date of Birth  26th June 2009

Age now          11 

Colour               Bay

Height               16.3 Hands High

Breed                 ¼ Clydesdale ¼ Throughbred ½ warmblood

Sire                      L.C.Napenay

Dam                    Blaize (Jay who was used at RDA)

Breeder              Jenny Brown

Owner                Berwickshire Group RDA & M. Morgan

What he was like as a young horse

 He was very spooky and suspicious of everything and is still like that today. He has always loved food and really would just eat all day long.

Events he took part in and results;

Dressage Torfy competed a lot in dressage before he came to us. He was very successful at both Prelim and Novice Level and had completed in his first Elementary test before we bought him.

Showjumping He had competed in local show jumping as part of his education as a young horse and is a very careful jumper and surprisingly not bothered about spooky fillers.

Cross Country He has jumped round Duns Castle Team Chase and also mini charterhall a few times. He was very spooky the first time he went to charterhall and poor Stacey got jumped off him. I then took him the next year and he was much better. He loved the team chase as he was very happy following another horse.

Showing Torfy had won lots of showing classes before he came to us 😊 This year at Duns show he finished second in the Ridden Hose class and won the working hunter class. He went on to be the champion ridden horse and Reserve Champion of all horses. The judge said he was by far the nicest horse to ride.

When he became a vaulting horse and where he competed

Torfy came to sunnyside Vaulting camp week July 2016. He vaulted 3 days in a row and took to it straight away. He went to his first competition in Rugby Warwickshire the British Championships October  2016 and carried a pair to win the class and also carried 4 walk individuals from another club.

When he became an International Horse

His first international was the Junior World Championships where he carried an Individual Male Vaulter Jack Wilson. He finished in 20th place. Torfy was amazingly behaved and has gone onto Carry many individuals at International competitions and last year carried 5 at the Junior World Champs with Henry Finishing in 9th Place and Minta 16th in the female class of 42.

He also carried Emma in the Senior class to finish 24th. He works hard at vaulting but he is not keen on carrying more than one person so has become the individual superstar. Last year he was British Champion with Willow Belham and Scottish Champion with Grace Playfair and Hannah Young.

When he came to Sunnyside and began helping RDA

 He arrived the first week of July 2016 and practised all summer so he was ready for the term starting in the September. He took to it straight away and has never looked back his only bad point being he can walk very slowly and used to always pretend he needed a pee!!!

Regional and National RDA Competitions

Torfy has been to the national Championships once but has done the regional qualifiers 3 times he has always been very reliable and surprisingly not spooky at all whilst doing his Dressage.


Torfy loves hunting he is deep down a very lazy horse and hunting lights him up and makes him quite excited, he jumps brilliantly out hunting and loves galloping across the fields. His one problem is he might just kick a hound so whoever is riding him gas to be very aware of this.

What he is doing while we are not doing RDA Torfy is enjoying lots of hacking out and has even been taking Tamara out riding. He does lots of RDA and vaulting so we are using the time to keep him fit and happy with lots of hacking and cantering in the fields he is still very spooky!!!!













Berwickshire Group RDA is very lucky to be able to use amazing horses & we’re going to share with you a little bit about them that you might not know.

Rebecca has written a bit about them and we will be sharing a different horse each week.
The first of these is Bart

Horse Profile
Name Bart Simpson
Stable name Bart
Date of Birth 1st May 1999
Age now 21
Colour Grey
Height 17.1 Hands High
Breeder Susanna Simpson
Owner Andy Millar

What he was like as a young horse
He was very big and very naughty. He used to buck and nap at every opportunity but was always a very loveable horse. He always enjoyed jumping and in his younger days that was when he was most sensible.

Events he took part in and results;

He competed dressage only twice as a 5 year old and was very naughty in both tests. The judge wrote plenty of potential when he wants to oblige 🙂

He has jumped round lots of courses of show jumps with lots of different people but actually has never competed in a show jumping competition.

Cross Country
He has jumped round Mini Charterhall every year since 2007 with 3 different people Rebecca, Stacey and Henry.
He has done Duns Castle Team Chase with loads of different riders the very first year he wouldn’t cross the water crossing!!!!

He has been Champion horse at Duns Show and in 2008 he also won Champion of Champions for the whole show. He has won working hunter classes at Duns,Kelso,Yarrow and Haddington show. He has won ridden hunter classes at all of the above. He has competed at the Highland show twice 4th in the Novice class in 2010 and 7th in the open class in 2011.

When he became a vaulting horse and where he competed
He started his vaulting career in 2007. His first international was Aachen 2008 and he then went to the World Championships with 2 indviduals in Brno the Czech Republic. He started carrying the team in 2009 and in 2010 won the Nations Cup class in Saumur France. His vaulting career at the top level finished with an individual competition in Belgium 2011. But he continues to train with both the Reivers and SSS vaulters and his been Scottish and British Champions on many occasions.

When he came to Sunnyside and began helping RDA
He arrived in February 2011 and was the first of my horses that we introduced to RDA. He took to it straight away and has never looked back

Regional and National RDA Competitions
He has been to every regional RDA competition Berwickshire have attended since 2011. He has been to the nationals on 4 occasions carrying RDA riders and vaulters. He was borrowed by and Irish rider once to do a canter test as his horse wasn’t allowed in.

Hunting and Galloping
Bart has been hunting since 2008. The first day I took him I was field master and he was brillant till late in the day when he would not jump a tiny jump out the wood as the ground was boggy!!!! He has jumped it many times since and never bothered.
Anyone could take him hunting he is the ultimate pro behaves perfectly has a big galloping stride and follows over any jump he is not the bravest in front so I don’t take him very often but did enjoy my last day of this season on him in the snow.

He started galloping with White abbey in 2013 when I decided he was going to be a race horse. He is a complete pro and stands and waits for the racehorses to get to him and he does the final little bit of work up the hills with them. He enjoys watching the racehorse do laps of the field and has favorite fields that he will gallop up others he just stands at the gate and waits for them.

What he is doing while we are not doing RDABart is enjoying a well-deserved rest. He works all year round a doesn't very often get a few weeks off so he is making the most of it and just chilling.


16 March 2020 Coronavirus Precaution - All Sessions Suspended for 3 Weeks

The trustees of the Group have decided to close RDA for the next three weeks in view of the current Coronavirus situation. 

We will reassess things after the Easter holiday when the situation may have changed. This is a precautionary measure and saves people having to decide whether to attend or not. 

As we deal with vulnerable people, we felt it was best to minimise any risk by closing early for Easter.  I trust you will understand this decision in what is a rapidly changing situation.

To reiterate, there will be no RDA for the remainder of March.  We will keep you updated as to when we will resume, which won't be before the end of the Easter break, which finishes Mon 20th April 2020.

07 March 20202020 INTER GROUP QUIZ

Berwickshire, Borders & Tweeddale groups all had a great time at todays Inter Group Quiz.

Over the 20 years it has been run and has been very sucessful & the volunteers & organisers have enjoyed watching the riders & vaulters who attend grow in confidence and knowledge.

Sadly this is the last quiz of its kind & all the groups involved are grateful to Margaret & the volunteers for all the hard they have put in over the years.

This years inter group quiz winners were Tweeddale Mercury and congratulations to everyone who took part

Four of our Berwickshire riders had a great afternoon at this years inter group quiz.

1st Place Tweeddale Mercury

2nd Place Tweeddale Neptune

3rd Place Border Jupiter

4th Place Berwickshire Mars

5th Place Tweeddale Saturn

6th Place Tweeddale Venus



22 February 2020NEW SADDLE FOR BART

Our group was fortunate to win a new saddle in a draw that National RDA held as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations. 

Collegiate gave 50 SADDLES to give away and our group was fortunate to be drawn as one of the winners.

Photographed is Bart with the new saddle on.




Picrured below are photos takrn when Kirsty Logan receivied her 25 year Long Service Award from Regional Chairman Kim McCutchion.

A tremendous achievement and  thank you and well done to Kirsty.

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