22 January 2019
  • A relaunch of the existing website for the general public www.rda.org.uk today
  • A new dedicated website for RDA groups and volunteers www.MyRDA.org.uk (already live)

The new-look site www.rda.org.uk , launching on 22 January, is designed specifically as a public facing website to encourage new volunteers, participants and donors. It provides an engaging introduction to the work of RDA, with an easier, clearer navigation to help visitors find their nearest group, donate or contact us for more information. It also brings the look of our website in line with our other publicity materials.


From 22 January the ‘Running your group’ area will no longer be accessible via the RDA website. We have separated this section completely, and created a new website just for groups called My RDA (www.myrda.org.uk). This is already live so you can start using it straight away.

At the moment, MyRDA is exactly the same as the current ‘running your group’ area. The homepage will look a little different but everything else is exactly the same.

This is part one of a much bigger project to overhaul the content, navigation and design of the RDA group information online. Please rest assured this is something we will be working on throughout this year.

If you have any problems using www.myrda.org.uk , or have any other questions please get in touch.

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