05 June 2018

Berwickshire Group produced four very good pieces of for the Regional Arts & Crafts Competition and all did well.

In Class 72 Group Collage " Vaulting is Fun" by the Thursday morning second session won first prize and will go to the National Championships.

Well done Alise, Amanda, Haley, Jessica, Megan and Owen and to Gillian for the idea and to all the volunteers.

Also in Class 72 "RDA Helping Hands" by the Monday vaulter's was a very good second and 

Harry, Jacob, Finian, Emily, Charlie, Jokubas, Simonus and Oskar should be proud of their achievement, big thank you to Chris, Irene and Tina for all their help.


In Class 74 Group Sculpture the Tuesday evening ladies again produced a wonderful work called "Spirit of Freedom" and he won a good second place for Alice, Barbara & Sheena.


Also in Class 74 the Thursday Morning Boys made great riding schools, fields and loose boxes and their "Horses for Courses" gained a good forth place.

A good effort from Christoffer, Niko, Corey, Gregor, Ryan and James and to Jill and all the volunteers who assisted.

Entries shown below:




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