10 April 2016
Regional Dressage Competition Success

What a great Regional Dressage competition for Berwickshire Group.

Oatridge was a great venue and so nice to have lots of space and nice facilities.

Alice, Barbara Lauren & Sheena all done extremely well & we are very proud of them.

Housten (Mahon Vale) & Bart Simpson were well behaved as always.


Class 1 Senior Section

2nd   Lauren and Bart

5th    Sheena and Housten


Class 10

4th    Barbara and Housten


Class 16 Dressage to Music Walk Only 

1st    Sheena and Housten

2nd   Lauren and Bart

3rd    Alice and Bart


Class 17 Dressage to Music Walk and Trot

1st     Barbara and Housten


Congratulations to our four riders & thank you to the helpers and supporters who attended.




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