23 July 2014
Report on National Finals by Margaret Morgan and Anne Hutchinson

The following are the results of Berwickshire Group representatives in the various different Classes at the Championships at Hartpury this weekend.

Class 41  Team Vaulting
2nd Berwickshire Group   On Ardblae Dicky Snow ( Charlie Brown)
                                      Lunged by Anna Marie McPherson
                                      Jamie Bromley, Quinton Lee and Jaymis Coston
They were joined by Jake Thomas from Perry Group and Connie Jones and Emily Williams from Wrexham Group so that we had 6 vaulters.
They all did brilliantly and our boys made them feel welcome and they all worked well as a team
Bart Simpson Lunged by Stacey McPherson helped Crosby Group gain 3rd place
Class 56  Dressage

Anne Hutchinson riding Baloo tried hard but just too many mistakes to be in the prizes this year
Class 78 Best Turned Out Seniors
6th place for Anne and Baloo
Anne was very successful in the Horse Care an Knowledge Class gaining a Distinction
Arts and Crafts
Class 85 Individual Sculpture
5th Patricia Glass    Chirnside Primary School
Class 86 Group Sculpture
6th Berwickshire High School
Trevor Hanley
Ryan Girdwood
Erikas Rudakas
Class 49   Musical Drill Ride
5th    Cavalry Four Step    
                  Anne Hutchinson, Jan Lee, Alice Rutherford, Barbara Berkowitz, Neil McMurdo
6th = The Linton Ploughman
                   Lauren Hunter, Shaun Douglas, Johnny Alexander, John Doherty


It was blindingly hot on Thursday and Friday, huge thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday nights and it rained almost continuously all day Saturday causing much disruption and cancellation of some classes but hot again on Sunday.

Well done to everyone for representing the Group so well





Anne  Hutchinson has  also kindly sent in this account of her time at Hartbury. 

Thank you for doing so Anne.

Not our finest hour! Baloo trotted when he should of walked and I was a bit tense I think the occasion got to us ! I did horse care and scored 98 on the standard and got a distinction on the advanced and a bonus Baloo and I won best turned out horse and rider a great weekend despite have terrific thunderstorms Friday night and most of Saturday with sheet and forked lightning it was red hot on Sunday. Ah well just have to work hard for next year


Once again I have been lucky enough to qualify for The National Championships at Hartpury.

This is a huge college with stabling for over 400 horses this is happening over the weekend starting 18th July its a wonderful experience with a great buzz about it you can watch all the different classes and displays from Dressage to Carriage Driving not to mention all the different Trade Stands.

Before that there is still work to be done with extra practise with rebecca helping me to fine tune the walk trot dressage test so myself and Barnaby Baloo will definately be put through our paces.

I am travelling down by Train this year so thats an adventure with 3 changes but I have arranged for passenger assistance so I dont have to worry about luggage and will be well looked after I will certainly be seeing the country side as on the Monday I am off to Cardiff to a Wedding.

I am really looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere and taking part in this great event I just hope I do Margaret and our group proud


Berwickshire Group


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