11 June 2014
Monday Vaulters successful passing Grade Tests

A number of the Monday Vaulters have been successful with their Grade Tests. Resulsts as follows.

Grade 1 Horse Care                                     Charlie
Grade 1 Horse Care & Vaulting                     Cammy
Grade 2  Horse Care & Vaulting                    Finian
Grade 3 Horse Care & Vaulting                     Ishbel
Grade 3 horse Care & Vaulting                     Nathanial
Grade 3 horse Care & Vaulting                     Taylor
Grade 3 Horse Care                                     Harry
Grade 4 Horse Care & Vaulting                     Patricia
Grade 4  Vaulting                                        Harry
Bronze  Horse Care                                      Jaymis
Silver Vaulting                                             Jaymis


Well done to all of them.

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