12 May 2020

This weeks horse profile from Margaret & Rebecca is Kerbie

Name  Voodo                                                 

Stable Name Kerbie

Date of Birth 30/07/2002

Age now 17 going to be 18 (May 2020)

Colour Bright Bay

Height 17.1hh

Breed Dutch Warmblood

Sire Calvados

Dam Fidji

Breeder Mr PN Vengal

Owner John and Nicola Hayton (Parents of two girls who vault with me)

What he was like as a young horse? I don’t know too much of his history apart from he was bred in Holland as a show jumper competed to a relatively high level before being bought by someone in Cumbria where he continued his show jumping career. He is quite a stress buster and likes routine and consistency he really enjoys work and thrives on plenty of it and especially loves his food. He is a lovely charcter and enjoys a good scratch and a cuddle.

Events he took part in and results;

Dressage He hasn’t competed dressage but is extremely well schooled and lovely to ride.

Show Jumping, He was bred as a show jumper and competed up to 1 meter 30 classes so he has a decent jump in him. His record is very consistent without being an out and out winner.

Cross Country We hope to take him to some x country's when we get up and going again

Showing The local shows will be a plan if any ever happen.

Hunting He had never hunted before coming up here. I like to give them a day quite early on to see if they will enjoy it. He loved it behaved brilliantly and jumped like a stag.

When he first became a vaulting horse and where he competed? He was bought by the Haytons for the group their girls were vaulting with at the time in 2014. He started his vaulting career with Julie Newell in England. He was quite straight forward and was out competing straight away. His only naughty trick was just occasionally he would set off when being led much like big Guiness used to do for those that remember him!!!

When he became an International horse His first international season was 2015 he has competed at Senior World Championships with a pair in 2016 then he went to Cambridge which was a lower level club. His plan was to abroad this year with some of my vaulters

When he came to Sunnyside? Just after the new year, he had been on loan to a club at Cambridge but I think he was bored of their lifestyle. When he arrived he thrived from work and food. He is a lovely Character and is perfect for having his bridle put on and he just opens his mouth. His favorite naughty habit is when you put his headcollar on he wants to put everything in his mouth!!!

When we expect him to start RDA? Hopefully after the summer he is very settled in the arena so over the next few weeks we will start to introduce the lift and the hoist and poles in the arena.

What he is doing at the moment? He is continuing with his fitness work and trying to get his muscles and body looking better so lots of hacking.

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