This year we are raising funds to replace the surface of the indoor riding arena.
This is going to cost approximately £25,000.
As part of our fund-raising we are planning to hold a Jumblebee online auction, to
take place in May/June 2024. We are seeking donations of around 100 lots for
people to bid on online. Initially we are looking for suggestions of donors
(businesses or individuals) who may be willing to help us out.
Ideally we would like a selection of lots ranging in value. Examples of lots for
auction could be anything from a bottle of whisky to a night's stay in holiday
accommodation. Auction lots can be produce; goods; services (hairdressers, car
valet etc); a meal out; activity experience (golf, cinema tickets, sports event); gifts
or anything else which can be donated to help us raise money.
Please get in touch with suggestions of potential donors by 1st March 2024
Email: auction@berwickshirerda.org.uk
Text: 07942 358115
Alternatively you can leave your suggestions in writing (a suggestions sign up list
will be available at RDA) or in person with a Group trustee (see below).
Group trustees:
Margaret Morgan
Susan Patterson
Jude Logan
Gill Hallsworth
Claudia Nisbet
Fiona Anderson
Sandra Grigg
Chris Serle
Caroline Arthur
Sharon Baker

Kind regards
Sharon Baker
Secretary, Berwickshire Group RDA
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