Although a full list of fundraising that has taken place throughout the year can be found under 'Fundraising News', we felt is would be good to share the most recent fundraising activities that have taken place within the group.

The group would once again like to thank all those who have supported these events in anyway, whether it be volunteers who undertook the events or to all those who gave their tremendous support at the various events.  Thanks also to the businesses who allowed such things as bag pack and bucket collections.


Recent fundraising and Donations:-

Berwickshire RDA Donations and fundraising from 1st. April 2019

The group is extremely grateful to the following :-

Reivers Fish Bar

Donation in lieu of carrier bags                           73.31

Co-operative                                                   123.01

Forth Rail Bridge Abseil - to date                     5205.68

Chirnside Quiz Night                                        243.80

Sales Table at Elmoord                                    165.80 

Rceived donations from individuals to the sum of :-  £1740


The Group has been very active fundraising:-

Easyfundraising                                                      127.20

Rag Bag                                                                 120.40

Change jars                                                            144.27

Collecting Tins                                                          65.27

Smartie Tubes                                                          13.00

Duns Coffee Morning                                               316.42

Eyemouth Coffee Morning                                        335.87

Duns Show                                                             297.76

Waterloo Quiz night                                                 182.95

Sale of plants & marmalade                                       24.00

Sale of RDA tartan scarves & bags                            284.25


The Group is extremely grateful for all donations large and small.





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