The Berwickshire Group RDA (SC 028616) is run entirely by volunteers. 

Donations and Fundraising

Berwickshire Group RDA actively fundraise, we hold three coffee mornings annually, in Duns, Eyemouth and Coldstream, and take a stand at Duns Show. We do supermarket bag packs when dates are available, hold concerts, bingo nights, quiz nights and various sponsored events. You can help us by shopping online using easyfundraising, drop off your unwanted clothing to the rag bag collecting point at the school, recycle stamps, ink cartridges or mobile phones, adopt one of the Groups horses or collect charge in jars or tubes of smarties. We have a justgiving page and you can text donations to to BRDA14 on 70070.We have 5 extremely brave people who are going to abseil down the Forth Rail Bridge and Lizzie Mortimer who is going to run the Edinburgh marathon, so please support them.

All donations are valued by us. If you are a U.K. tax payer, please remember that you can gift aid your donation: currently the Government gives us 25p for each £1

The Group needs £20,000 each year for the upkeep and welfare of the horses, to maintain the building and equipment, to enter competitions, and to enable us to provide free lessons to the 45 adults and children that come to the school each year. We are always looking for ways of improving facilities to provide the best possible experience to our clients. The current project is to install a para rider hoist, to enable everyone to safely mount the mechanical horse.

 The group relies on fundraising, donations and grants, and thanks all those who help in any way.


Recent fundraising and Donations:-


Berwickshire RDA Donations and fundraising from 1st. April 2019

The group is extremely grateful to the following :-

Reivers Fish Bar

Donation in lieu of carrier bags                           73.31

Co-operative                                                   123.01

Forth Rail Bridge Abseil - to date                     5205.68

Chirnside Quiz Night                                        243.80

Sales Table at Elmoord                                    165.80 


In addition the Group received donations from individuals to the sum of :-  £1740


The Group has been very active fundraising:-

Easyfundraising                                                      127.20

Rag Bag                                                                 120.40

Change jars                                                            144.27

Collecting Tins                                                          65.27

Smartie Tubes                                                          13.00

Duns Coffee Morning                                               316.42

Eyemouth Coffee Morning                                        335.87

Duns Show                                                             297.76

Waterloo Quiz night                                                 182.95

Sale of plants & marmalade                                       24.00

Sale of RDA tartan scarves & bags                            284.25




Donations & Fund Raising for the year ended 31st. March 2019.


Berwickshire Housing Association                  £500.00

Reivers Fish Bar                                            £68.11

A Heart for Duns                                         £153.00

D. Duggan

Robert Grigg

Mrs. M. Keysell

C. Serle & B. Judd

K.E.H. Brownlie

L. Freeland-Cook

Green’s Residents Committee                      £500.00

Berwickshire Agricultural Association            £200.00

Marjorie Leithead

Cockburnspath Art Fair                               £350.00

Silvery Tweed Cereals Ltd.                          £375.00

Duns Rugby Club                                        £356.00

P. Gibbens


George & Linda Russell

J.M. Nisbet

J. Cowan

N. McMurdo

Mike & Sue Keean

Dr. N.E. Burgess

Duns Primary School                                  £153.00

Abbey Timber

Miss M. Forbes

Whitsome Enhancement Group                    £92.51


who sell Christmas cards and held a raffle   £233.70


Fund Raising

Eyemouth Coffee Morning                          £326.00

Coldstream Coffee Morning                        £388.00

Duns Show                                               £303.00

Reston Fayre                                              £86.10

Morrison Bag Pack                                     £557.00

Tesco Bag Pack                                         £451.00

Shopafrolics                                              £486.00

Easyfundraising                                         £197.00

Recycle                                                      £12.00

Rag Bag                                                   £133.00

Change jars                                              £303.00

Collecting Tins

            Romanes                                        £27.48

            Bella Bella                                      £23.59

            Spence                                          £36.15

Edinburgh Marathon & Forth

Rail Bridge Abseil                                    £2800.00




The school was used, when not required by the Group, by South of Scotland Select and Reivers Vaulting Group, Duns Rugby Club and K. Whillans.


The Group received grants from The Brown Fund, SEV and the Co-operative; the latter which was used towards the purchase of the hoist in Sandys’ (the mechanical horse) stable.


We thank all the sponsors of this years’ calendar; the sale of calendars and Christmas cards was very good this past year.

We also thank all those who make marmalade, jams etc and bring plants to be sold.


We are grateful to the family of Mrs. Hewitt for donating the collection from her funeral, to those who donated in memory of Mr. Martin Lough, and to Miss Mary Wood for her legacy to the Group and for donating the collection from her funeral.


The Berwickshire Group RDA is extremely grateful to all who help and support the Group.

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