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4 March 2020
Starts: 12:15
Ends: 14:30

                  Here is your Invitation to the Borders County RDA Inter Group

Quiz to be held on WEDNESDAY 4th. March 2020 in the CORN EXCHANGE,

MELROSE. The Corn Exchange is in the main street of Melrose just up from

Burts Hotel, use the Bus Stop to let off passengers then find somewhere to park

in the town, ample parking is not far away but be aware that there is a waiting

limit in the Square and a one-way system in operation.


Each Team member must be a member of an RDA Group.


Please bring packed lunches as there is no food available,

Tea, Coffee and Juice will be provided free.


Can everyone arrive in time to eat Lunch, socialise and sort out teams,

the Quiz will begin at 12.15 pm and hopefully finish by 2.30 pm to let everyone

home in time for buses and to do horses.


Teams of three make a car load and so do not require a lot of helpers having to

give up yet another day for RDA however you are all welcome to come and help

or just observe even if you cannot enter a team this time.

If you do not have a full team, please bring your members along as we can usually

find others to join them. Teams will move from station to station and will not have

to write and indeed do not have to speak as they can easily point to the object or

picture they are being asked about.

The questions will be the same as last time as everyone seemed to cope well.


Questions will be on;

Grooming Kit          

Points of the Horse  

Colours and Markings   

Parts of the Saddle, Girth etc.

Parts of Bridle and Head Collar

Recognize Feeds and know a little about watering                 

Recognize pictures of Horse Sports, Show Jumping etc.

The Blacksmiths Tools    

Feely Bags not necessarily holding horsy items   

Riding School Letters and Rules  

Other rounds will be added if there is a large entry.


This is a Team Competition, but all will be asked individual questions at

some stations, if they answer correctly they get 2 points, if they can’t

answer it will be open to the team and only worth 1 point, in the team

each correct answer is worth 2 points.


Unfortunately, the Quiz date will not suit every riding day of every

Group but I hope as many of you as possible will enter and have a go.

Please photocopy the entry form if you would like to enter more than

one team.


Do not hesitate to ring if you have any queries about the Quiz.

I hope the Quiz will be a fun day out for all and give our riders,

vaulters and helpers the chance to meet other Border participants and the

wider RDA family.


It would be a significant help to me if you could let me know how many helpers

from your Group can assist on the day, the Quiz could not operate without

their wonderful input.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


                                                  Yours Margaret Morgan

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