The Berwickshire Group has come to the end of another busy and successful year.

The highlight being the visit by the President of RDA the Princess Royal who officially opened Sandy the Mechanical Horse and met all the riders, vaulters and helpers who could attend on the day.

The Group volunteers have attended Training at Group, County, Regional and National level to keep up to date and learn more about RDA.

Riders and Vaulters have taken part in the Arts & Crafts Competition, Musical Rides, the Creative Writing Competition, Vaulting & Filmed Vaulting Competitions and some have sat and passed Grade Tests.

The Summer term always ends with each sessions competition and everyone did very well. This year everyone took part in a Tetrathlon, running round the school, shooting with Velcro balls onto a Velcro dart board and they all rode a Handy Horse course or Vaulted, then all the scores were added together to give the results.



1st     Emily

2nd    Harry

3rd     Jacob

4th     Finian

5th     Charlie

6th     Simonus

7th     Oskar


Tuesday Evening

1st     Neil

2nd    Sheena

3rd    Barbara

4th    Alice



1st     Leah

2nd    Liam

3rd     Sophie

4th     Caroline

5th     John

6th     Shaun

7th     Steven

8th     Lauren

9th     Kelvin







1st      Megan

2nd     James

3rd     Corey

4th     Ryan

5th     Jessica

6th     Hayley

7th     Alise

8th     Amanda

9th     Gregor


2018 Trophy Winners

Borthwick Trophy                      Charlie

Snoopy Trophy                         Chris

Andy Millar Quach                     Neil

Domino Trophy                         Sophie

Tony Trophy                             Christoffer

Tullie Trophy                            Claire

Poppy Drysdale Trophy              Gillian

Spirit of Freedom                      Jenny

Caffrys Trophy                          Frank

Nisbet Trophy                           Jays Fortitude

Royal Dalton Trophy                  Pituchelli      

The following photographs will hopefully give you an idea of the fun had by all during the end of Term Summer 2018:

Monday Vaulters end of term Competition





Tuesday Afternoon


Tuesday Evening:

1st: Neil and Sarah P                 2nd:   Sheena and Sarah M          3rd:  Barabara and Cicely           4th:   Alice and Janice


Jenny recieving the 'Spirit of Freeedom Award' from Alice on behalf of the Tuesday night riders and

Neil who was awarded the Andy Millar Quaich

Wednesday Riders havijng fun:






Thursday Vaulters after completing a Tetrathlon:










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