Although a full list of fundraising that has taken place throughout the year can be found under 'Fundraising News', we felt is would be good to share the most recent fundraising activities that have taken place within the group.

The group would once again like to thank all those who have supported these events in anyway, whether it be volunteers who undertook the events or to all those who gave their tremendous support at the various events.  Thanks also to the businesses who allowed such things as bag pack and bucket collections.


Recent fundraising and Donations:-

Donations & Fund Raising for the year ended 31st. March 2019.


Berwickshire Housing Association                  £500

Reivers Fish Bar                                        £68.11

A Heart for Duns                                     £153

D. Duggan

Robert Grigg

Mrs. M. Keysell

C. Serle & B. Judd

K.E.H. Brownlie

L. Freeland-Cook

Green’s Residents Committee                      £500

Berwickshire Agricultural Association            £200

Marjorie Leithead

Cockburnspath Art Fair                               £350

Silvery Tweed Cereals Ltd.                          £375

Duns Rugby Club                                       £356

P. Gibbens


George & Linda Russell

J.M. Nisbet

J. Cowan

N. McMurdo

Mike & Sue Keean

Dr. N.E. Burgess

Duns Primary School                                  £153

Abbey Timber

Miss M. Forbes

Whitsome Enhancement Group                    £92.51


who sell Christmas cards and held a raffle   £233.70


Fund Raising

Eyemouth Coffee Morning                          £326

Coldstream Coffee Morning                        £388

Duns Show                                               £303

Reston Fayre                                         £86.10

Morrison Bag Pack                               £557

Tesco Bag Pack                                   £451

Shopafrolics                                       £486

Easyfundraising                                  £197

Recycle                                               £12

Rag Bag                                            £133

Change jars                                       £303

Collecting Tins

            Romanes                                       £27.48

            Bella Bella                                     £23.59

            Spence                                         £36.15

Edinburgh Marathon & Forth

Rail Bridge Abseil                                      £2800


June 2019


Eyemouth Coffee Morning                          £335.87


July 2019

Chirnside Quiz night                                 £182.95


The school was used, when not required by the Group, by South of Scotland Select and Reivers Vaulting Group, Duns Rugby Club and K. Whillans.


The Group received grants from The Brown Fund, SEV and the Co-operative; the latter which was used towards the purchase of the hoist in Sandys’ (the mechanical horse) stable.


We thank all the sponsors of this years’ calendar; the sale of calendars and Christmas cards was very good this past year.

We also thank all those who make marmalade, jams etc and bring plants to be sold.


We are grateful to the family of Mrs. Hewitt for donating the collection from her funeral, to those who donated in memory of Mr. Martin Lough, and to Miss Mary Wood for her legacy to the Group and for donating the collection from her funeral.


The Group is extremely grateful for all donations large and small.

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