We hope that the following commence and end dates  for holidays are of use to riders, parents, guardians and volunteers alike

MONDAY (Session:1.30pm – 3 pm)

Monday Vaulting will close on 11th December for Christmas

Start   Monday8th January
  End   Monday 26th. March

Tuesday - 'Sandy (Afternoon)

Start    Tuesday 9th January
 End     Tuesday 27th March

TUESDAY EVENING (Session: 7pm – 8.30 pm)

Tuesday riding will close on 12th. December for Christmas

Start     Tuesday 9th January
 End      Tuesday 27th March

WEDNESDAY MORNING (Session: 10 am – 11:45am)

Wednesday riding will close on 13th December for Christmas

Start   Wednesday 10th January
End     Wednesday 28th March

THURSDAY MORNING  (Session: 10 am – 11:45am)

Thursday vaulting will finish on 14th December for Christmas

 Start    Thursday 11th January
  End     Thursday 29th March